Crazy Bamboo Bridge

Crazy bamboo bridge

You want awesome bamboo, how about this insane bamboo bridge found on Alas the article doesn’t say where this bridge was built or what it is for (or in fact, if it’s even a bridge or just an insanely cool walkway).

Obviously the crazy tilting sides and ceiling is the really sweet thing about this structure, but I’m also impressed that they are using solid bamboo poles for the floor as well. Nothing but giant thick bamboo on all sides of you. I bed you this thing would be really cool to walk along at night with nothing but a lantern to illuminate the warm bamboo on all sides of you. Add a little fog and it’s perfect for a ghost story!


Bamboo Treehouse

bamboo treehouse

Why not have an entire house made out of bamboo? And why not put it in a tree! This bamboo tree house is one of the most awesome bamboo things on the internet.

Speaking as someone who has actually built things out of bamboo before, I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of this construction. Working with raw dried bamboo poles is incredibly difficult — because they are round. Doing angle cuts is crazy hard, and the bamboo likes to split with little or no provocation (one reason that traditional tiki hut construction uses rope to lash the poles together, rather than screws or nails). This thing is an incredible achievement of tree house awesomeness.

Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring

Bamboo isn’t just for tiki huts and fences, you can use it on your floor too! This bamboo flooring is a great example of how bamboo can mimic the traditional hardwood flooring. It is literally indistinguishable — if you didn’t know this was bamboo flooring you would never even consider that it might be!

Natural bamboo flooring has a very light color, much like the color of dried bamboo poles that you might see in a tiki hut. But it can be colored to match most common hardwood floor coloring, including walnut and various oaks. But it doesn’t just disguise itself as standard wood floors, you can also get bamboo floors that look like bamboo and have the distinctive bamboo knots and coloring.

Best solution, of course, is to go with bamboo floors that are heated from beneath — because wood floors can get cold on the care feets!


Black Bamboo

black bamboo

Not all bamboo is the standard green bamboo that we’re all used to seeing. This black bamboo is incredibly awesome looking — still looks like bamboo, with the thick segmented stalks that we’re used to, but black. This is the stuff that ninjas build their tiki huts out of!

In addition to black bamboo, there is yellow and other shades as well. Some bamboo species grow into the tower forests with crazy thick trunks that we’re used to seeing, while others are more shrub-like and never thicker than your finger. I have to assume that the black bamboo is less common, because I cannot imagine why Hollywood has not yet made a kung fu action movie that had at least once scene taking place in an amazing black bamboo forest.

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

bamboo keyboard and mouse

Okay, this may be the most awesome thing I’ve seen all month. A bamboo keyboard and mouse. I found this over at Wicker Paradise — I have no idea who made it or where it’s for sale, but damnit I want one. Also pet peeve: if you’re going to repost crazy awesome things from the internet, tell me where they came from!

Best thing about this? You could totally design your entire desk to be a little tiki paradise. Just imagine it — get some bamboo mats for your floor and your desktop, some bamboo poles and thatching to create a little tiki hut over the top, and complete the look with a keyboard and mouse actually made out of bamboo! I would seriously pay real money for this stuff — someone tell me where I can buy it!

Bamboo Wine Rack

bamboo wine rack

Two perfect things that go perfect together? How about wine and bamboo! These awesome bamboo wine racks probably don’t go well with your average living room, but what a perfect way to display your wine collection in a tiki bar!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that any kind of tiki bar or tiki lounge area should have a few of these racks for storing their wine bottles. Perfect for poolside tiki bars really… well, except for the part about drinking and swimming, but you know what I mean. Sitting on the patio by the pool at night, drinking wine without any intention of getting into the water.

Holy Tiki Hut Batman!

Amazing tiki hut

Okay, I know I’ve already hit tiki huts, but there are tiki huts, and there is this amazing tiki hut. I have no idea where this actually is — if this is some rich dude’s mansion or a pool room in some kind of awesome resort (I’m guessing resort) but holy crap I would stay there in a heart beat.

This is really the ultimate pool area — and as good as it looks in this picture I’ll bet it’s ten times as sweet at night, all warmly lit by the pool lights and what I hope are artificial lights. Now that I look closely, it almost seems like there’s a tiki torch sitting on the corner of the upper level… you know, right where the flame would hit the tried thatching of the roof to set the whole thing ablaze. Let’s assume for the sake or sanity that it’s some kind of decoration, and not actually a torch sconce.